August 23, 2019
18:00 Concert 10 CD release ...on ne sait pas 2015-16 47'00
By Jonathan Prager
Festival Futura, Crest, Drôme
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From 22 August 2019 - 15 Jan 2020
Sound and visual path
Vincent Laubeuf, Flâner dans les mondes parallèles
along the Drôme river
Between Crest and Aouste-sur-Sye
Oct 06, 2019 at 5 pm
Sound performance
Vincent Laubeuf, Mondes parallèles
at Théâtre de Verdure
Aouste sur Sye
Organized by Droom, in collaboration with Futura and the Biennale de Lyon - Résonance
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New CD …on ne sait pas

Available here

This diptych is composed of
« Dans le silence on ne sait pas » and « Dans le bruit on ne sait pas »
+ an interlude "5 miniatures"
The complete work was premiered at the CCMC festival at the Institut Français de Tokyo on March 5, 2016

an ArtSonique / Motus co-production

In the process of writing Shakyo for instrumental ensemble for the Ensemble Court-Circuit (premiere in 2020) commission from the French Ministry of Culture.